How to create Artwork on Minteed?

Welcome to Minteed!

If you’re a creator, you’ve landed at the right place, Minteed is made for you!

Wether you don’t know anything about blockchain technology or you’re a Web3 expert, here you’ll find an easy to use plaform to :

  • Create NFT Artwork Collections
  • Set the price, manage the scarcity and distribute NFT artworks on Minteed, or any other Tezos marketplace, such as Objkt.

On your journey to creating amazing NFT art, you’ll encounter very Low Gaz Fees and pay no subscription fees (we only take a small commission on sales to make the platform run).

Lets’ have a quick look!

The first thing you’re going to need to create or collect art on the Minteed platform is a Tezos wallet holding a minimum amount of Tezos* to either collect or create assets.

Already a Web3 user ?

Connect your Tezos wallet to the Minteed App, click on the “Become a Creator” button and fill in the Creator Application form. We’ll whitelist you as soon as we have all the information we need.

Start Creating

Not a Web3 user yet ?

Follow this tutorial to get started !

How to become a Minteed Creator

You’ll need to create an account on a crypto trading website in order to convert your currency ($,€, …) into Tezos. We recommend using Binance or Coinbase.Here are two tutorials on buying Tezos if needed: NB: if you are holding any other crypto you can also convert it into Tezos through these apps.

*Why do i need a minimum amount of Tezos to log in to Minteed ? 

Because of gas fees. A gas fee is a blockchain transaction fee. It is paid to add an NFT to the blockchain or to collect a new NFT. Thankfully, Minted is built on a low gas fee blockchain: Tezos. You only need to hold a minimum amount to be able to use the app.

*How much will it cost to list my collections and assets on Minteed ? 

The price to create a collection and mint an asset on Minteed is very minimal. On average, the fee to create a collection is approximately 3 xtz (billed on the sale of the first asset) and 0.17 XTZ to mint any other asset. For example, if you create a collection with 10 assets, then the gas fee will be 3XTZ for the collection and 0.17×10 assets, making a total of 4.7 XTZ.
If you don’t have a Tezos wallet, we recommend you create one with Kukai or Temple as these wallets are very simple to create and use.

If you need more information on creating a Kukai or Temple wallet, here are some tutorials :

Now that you have a Tezos wallet, you can apply to become a Minteed Creator. To create art, you first need to connect your Tezos wallet.Your Tezos address should look like this (a random series of numbers) : tz1cSJUKyoCzNrzRfFXt9ScWnR3XXRbbw2sB

Go to App

  • Then, connect your Tezos wallet to log in :
Log in by clicking on the wallet icon  . You’ll then be prompted to choose the wallet you’d like to connect to Minteed. For this example, let's connect to a Kukai wallet :  
    • Kukai will open in a new window 
    • In kukai, choose the wallet address you’d like to sync with Minteed, then approve the permission request for that wallet : 
    • Sign the Expression :
    • You can now return to the Minteed app.
    • Once you’re connected, the profile icon will have replaced the wallet icon  .
  • Finally, click on the "BECOME CREATOR" button in the menu
  • Click on the profile icon and edit it to add your own profile picture.
  • Add your username
  • Fill in all of the other fields

Creating Collections and Adding Assets


On the Minteed app, everything starts with a collection. Before minting an asset, you’ll need to create a collection. Once your collection is created, you can add assets as you please. Every collection is minted on-chain (inscribed into the blockchain). 


Click on the collections icon. Here you’ll have an overview of all your collections.

  • First, add the name of your collection. The name of your collection will show in the collectors wallet in the future, so choose it carefully. 
Add your artist alias in the collection name so users see your name every time they see your collection in their wallet. 
  • Then, add a description of your collection. The more complete the description, the better. It’s important to write a complete and detailed description of your collection so collectors can easily find it and fully understand the artistic expression behind it ! 
  • Choose a category for your collection so collectors can easily understand what type of art it is.
  • Finally, add a cover image that represents best your collection (it will be visible in wallets). 
  • That’s it ! Once you create your collection, an on-chain contract is created in the blockchain in the name of the collection. All of the assets in your collection will be associated to this contract. 


Once a collection is created, you can add and modify assets in the collection as you like, thanks to the pre-mint feature on Minteed. 

*What is a pre-mint ?

Assets created in a collection are pre-minted. On other platforms, artists set up their assets, mint them, add them to their wallet and finally list them on every platform. The artist is the first to mint the asset. Minteed features an exclusive pre-mint feature :
  • Artists set-up the conditions for their asset during the pre-mint stage, giving collectors the advantage of being the first person ever to engrave an asset on the blockchain.
  • When an asset is collected, it is the collector that will mint the asset. Meaning that, for primary sales, the first holder will be the collector and not the artist.

What are the benefits of a pre-mint ?

Creators still keep control of their assets and can go and change almost any parameter of their pre-minted asset (excepted the number of editions and the asset file format) until this one is minted by a collector. Meaning you can perfect your listing as time goes!

  • Click on Create an asset
  • The first thing you're going to want to do is Add your asset on the top right corner of the screen. For the moment, Minteed accepts images in Jpeg, PNG or GIF and the maximum file size is limited to 10Mo. In the near future, we’ll accept MP4, MP3, PDF, tif and many other file formats. 

You’ll then be prompted to fill in the asset page. Make sure to add as much information as you can to make sure your art gets discovered on the Minteed App :

  • Title : Name your asset
  • Description : Give a full description of your asset and don't be afraid to tell the story behind your artwork! This really helps the community understand your artwork and incentivizes them to collect it.
  • Tags : Here, you want to add some keywords that categorize your art and help collectors find it within the different categories of the app.
  • Type of Sale : Here you can choose what type of sale is available for this mint. For the moment we only accept First come, first serve” sales but we'll be adding other sales types in the near future.
  • Maximum number of editions : The maximum number of editions that you will make available for this asset. Choose the number of editions carefully, this is one of the only parameter you won’t be able to change in the future. 
  • Reserve Number : The reserve number is the number of assets you would like to reserve on the side, these are not made available for mint and stay in your possession until you decide to un-hold them.
  • Mint Price : The price for a collector to mint an asset. You can add pricing up to two digits after the decimal point. Free minting is possible.

Creator Tip : Sold out is always better. As a creator, it's important to try and find a balance between the pricing and the number of editions.

  • Currency of Price : Choose between the different currencies. For now, Tezos is the only currency accepted on the Minteed platform.
  • Maximum Mints per wallet : This feature allows you to limit collectors to a maximum number of editions per wallet. For example, if you want to make sure that not only one collector can buy all your asset, in order to let the whole community get a chance to collect your art, then limit the maximum number of mints per wallet. It is also a great way to limit bots from buying your NFT. 
  • License : Licenses give different rights to the collectors who acquire your asset. You want to make sure that you think of which license is the best option for you. 

Revenue Sharing / Primary market 

Here you can decide how the revenue will be shared for the primary sales of your asset. They can be shared between different contributors who have participated in the project. If you’ve created your asset  in collaboration with a brand, gallery or other creator, for example, then you’ll be able to define the revenue sharing in this section. 

    • For each beneficiary (including yourself if you’re a creator), click add, then choose a label (name of the user) as well as the percent % distribution of sales and add the Tezos address linked to the user.

Royalties / Secondary Market

    • You can now add royalties for secondary market sales 
    • If you would like a share of secondary sales, then click add and add your name in the label fiels, le percent (%) share of royalties you'd like and your Tezos wallet address. Generally, secondary sale royalties are fixed between 2 and 15%
    • If there is another beneficiary for secondary sales, then click add and add the necessary information.

  • Check your information one last time, then click save !
  • Once your collection is saved, it is PRE-MINTED. Now collectors can collect your works !

Start Creating

How to optimize your Creator Profile ?

As a creator, you know the significance of having a great online profile to entice collectors to collect your works. Here’s some tips on optimizing your Minteed Creator profile.

Optimizing your Creator Profile

Minteed is a Web3 platform designed for the needs of artists and creators. Our objective is to help creators showcase their best work and get discovered. By wide spreading the use of Web3 and spreading mass adoption, artists will get new eyes on their works thanks to the Minteed platform !Minteed is also a social platform. Creators will be able to put forward their art more than ever and collectors will be able to navigate to your Creator Profile page and discover your different collections and artworks listed on Minteed, as well as on other platforms. They’ll be able to follow your account and like your artworks and collections. This is why it is crucial to optimize your profile.
Because Minteed is a social platform, collectors will visit Creator profiles frequently, so making a good impression is crucial to being followed and selling more artworks.Once you’ve received Creator access on the Minteed platform, you can now start setting up your Creator profile.
  • Profile picture : Choose a recent, professional and high-quality image of you or your artwork
  • Cover photo : The cover photo is the perfect occasion for creators to highlight their artistic style ! Choose a high quality cover photo that puts forward your creativity.
  • Profile description : Make sure to fully describe who you are as a creator.
Once you have optimized your profile on Minteed, you can start optimizing your collections and assets.
  • Naming your assets and collections : Make sure the title is understandable and descriptive. The more descriptive the title is, the higher the chance that collectors will understand the art behind it. The name of your collection will show in the collectors wallet in the future, so choose it carefully. You can add your artist alias in the collection name so users see your name every time they see your collection in their wallet.
  • Descriptions : The more complete the description, the better. Don’t be afraid to talk about your art ! It’s important to write a complete and detailed description of your collections and artworks so collectors can easily find them and fully understand the artistic expression behind them !
  • Choose a category for your collection so collectors can easily understand what type of art it is.
  • Add a cover image that represents your collection best (it will be visible in wallets).
  1. Highlight your work and present it in a professional and saleable way.
  2. Choose a cover image that compels users to click and view your collection.
  3. Promote your collection by creating some buzz around it.
Follow these steps to grow your followers and promote your Minteed profile:
  1. Showcase your best collections
  2. Make sure you have filled in your Creator profile completely.
  3. Share your work on all social media platforms.
  4. Encourage others by liking and appreciating their work. Sooner or later they will return the favor.
For a better experience, please turn your screen.