Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minteed ?

Minteed is an all-in-one platform specifically designed to meet the needs of artists, creators, brands and all cultural players, so they can fully harness the power of Web3 and blockchain technology.


What is the goal of your platform ?

We want to provide reliable and easy-to-use tools to help creatives reveal their talent to a global community of Web3 enthusiasts and collectors. By taking art to new levels and making it accessible, we hope to widespread the adoption of Web3 !


What’s so special about Minteed ?

Understanding Web3 isn’t always easy. The process of minting, protecting your art, maintaining your works’ value and scarcity, and communicating with your audience can be overwhelming, even for experienced Web3 artists.

  • Awesome Web3 tools : With a deep understanding of arts, culture, and Web3, Minteed is developing a suite of tools that help creators at every stage.
  • Your very own gallery : Creators will be able to mint NFTs and create collections but also have the exclusive advantage of creating their very own personalized gallery that respects their artistic identity.
  • Creative freedom : Creators also keep full control over their works and can list their artworks on any platform they like after minting on Minteed.
  • Exciting collab opportunities : We take pride in being a place where new ideas are born and nurtured. Our tight network of partners allows us to bring together creators, brands, and cultural institutions to provide creators with exclusive collab opportunities.


Who is Minteed for ?

Minteed is open to all artists, creators, brands, cultural institutions and, of course, all collectors who want to gain access to exclusive art.


On which blockchain is Minteed built ?

In Web3, there’s a variety of blockchains to choose from. Our approach was to ask ourselves : “what technology is the most robust, adopted, reliable, affordable (gas fees) and least expensive in energy resources?”

We chose to build on the Tezos blockchain for all of these reasons and also because it gathers a strong community of collectors and creators around arts and culture.


Who are Minteed’s partners?

We’ve partnered with world famous cultural and Web3 players, such as :

  • The Fnac Darty group : one of the leaders in culture in Europe
  • Tezos
  • SmartChain
  • Nomadic labs
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