Optimizing your Creator Profile

As a creator, you know the significance of having a great online profile to entice collectors to collect your works. Here’s some tips on optimizing your Minteed Creator profile.

What is Minteed used for ?

Minteed is a Web3 platform designed for the needs of artists and creators. Our objective is to help creators showcase their best work and get discovered. By wide spreading the use of Web3 and spreading mass adoption, artists will get new eyes on their works thanks to the Minteed platform !

Minteed is also a social platform. Creators will be able to put forward their art more than ever and collectors will be able to navigate to your Creator Profile page and discover your different collections and artworks listed on Minteed, as well as on other platforms. They’ll be able to follow your account and like your artworks and collections. This is why it is crucial to optimize your profile.

How do I optimize my Creator profile on Minteed?

Because Minteed is a social platform, collectors will visit Creator profiles frequently, so making a good impression is crucial to being followed and selling more artworks.

Once you’ve received Creator access on the Minteed platform, you can now start setting up your Creator profile.

Optimizing your profile :

  • Profile picture : Choose a recent, professional and high-quality image of you or your artwork
  • Cover photo : The cover photo is the perfect occasion for creators to highlight their artistic style ! Choose a high quality cover photo that puts forward your creativity.
  • Profile description : Make sure to fully describe who you are as a creator.

Once you have optimized your profile on Minteed, you can start optimizing your collections and assets :

Optimizing your collections and assets :

  • Naming your assets and collections : Make sure the title is understandable and descriptive. The more descriptive the title is, the higher the chance that collectors will understand the art behind it. The name of your collection will show in the collectors wallet in the future, so choose it carefully. You can add your artist alias in the collection name so users see your name every time they see your collection in their wallet.
  • Descriptions : The more complete the description, the better. Don’t be afraid to talk about your art ! It’s important to write a complete and detailed description of your collections and artworks so collectors can easily find them and fully understand the artistic expression behind them !
  • Choose a category for your collection so collectors can easily understand what type of art it is.
  • Add a cover image that represents your collection best (it will be visible in wallets).


How do I get more sales on Minteed?

  1. Highlight your work and present it in a professional and saleable way.
  2. Choose a cover image that compels users to click and view your collection.
  3. Promote your collection by creating some buzz around it.


How do I promote my Minteed Profile?

Follow these steps to grow your followers and promote your Minteed profile:

  1. Showcase your best collections
  2. Make sure you have filled in your Creator profile completely.
  3. Share your work on all social media platforms.
  4. Encourage others by liking and appreciating their work. Sooner or later they will return the favor.
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